In-game Missions Completed

The Atlas will hold missions which will give a scene for the player and will explain in a little more detail what the character will have to do to complete the missions and the checklist and obtain all the items for the final fight.

  1. Leave the bedroom
  2. Check the Atlas
  3. Visit the park
  4. Obtain item
  5. Visit the library
  6. Go with the warlock
  7. Accept terms with warlock
  8. Retrieve pendant
  9. Figure the riddle
  10. Find the blacksmith
  11. Accept terms with blacksmith
  12. Figure the riddle
  13. Go into reception and interrogate receptionist
  14. Obtain item
  15. Find the talisman
  16. Speak to the warlock
  17. Obtain contract
  18. Find the altar
  19. Obtain item
  20. Break the contract