The following photos express how I interpret the brief – “Little Things“. I will use these as secondary research which will inspire me to capture my own photographs using my mobile phone.

The artist I have chosen to research is David Gilliver who is a macro photographer.

The photograph shows tiny figures skating on meringues as if they were snowy mountain tops. I like the way the meringues are portrayed as snow and the little figures are using it as if they are snowy mountains. I like the simplistic background of the photograph. I like the difference between light and dark of the ‘snow tops’. The photo is balanced – the ‘moon’ gives reference that the meringues are closer to the camera and the size of the meringues make the figures look even smaller. The photographs are of low-quality and blurry, however, this could be because of the compression rate of WordPress. The photographer uses a macro lens to capture the figures in detail. The light reflecting off the curves on the meringues looks man made as the shadows look created and blocked by the photographer in some of the places.

The photograph shows a small figure outside on a broken path using human-sized earphones. I really like the over sized earphones being placed on the small figures ears. It is symbolic to how much music can run a persons life. I like the casual close-up of the figure and the way the figure is set out. The lighting seems natural, in day light, and there is a high depth of field as the subject of the photo (the figure) is clear and the background is blurry. The depth of field also lets the viewer know how close the subject is – so we can see it is quite close to the camera.

is photograph shows the small figure trying to pull open the top of the drinks can. The use of having the background as black brings a lot of focus to the photographs main elements and the focus of the figurine and the can – as well as the depth of field as most of the can is blurry. In regards to lighting, it looks a little natural, however, I think there is a light flashing down onto the can because of the lighting around the top. The depth of field also helps to show how close the can is.

In conclusion, David Gilliver’s photography covers the same things in different photographs. He tends to use the same elements i.e. the depth of field and balance tend to be the same and doesn’t switch up where the figures are which could be a part of the macro photography. I really like the idea of using mini figures but I want to shake it up a little and put my own theme and ideas into it.

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