The following photos express how I interpret the brief – “Little Things“. I will use these as secondary research which will inspire me to capture my own photographs using my mobile phone.

The artist I have chosen to research is Tanaka Tatsuya who is an artist who posts daily pictures of miniature figures in various poses.

This photograph shows miniature figures mining in Pringles. I feel like they have used a man made light to reflect onto the scene because of the created shadows – however, this does make the figurines seem more realistic. The main focus seems to be the figurines cutting at the Pringles inside the tube as the other seem quite blurry – this could be the depth of field. The depth of field therefore helps to express where things are in the photograph along with the tube of Pringles.

I like the shadows in the photograph that set the theme and gives the story. I like how the strawberries are used to represent a forest-type environment and the little girl figurine is almost ‘discovering’ the light from the candle. The light creates the shadow which gives the photograph balance. The photograph uses a high depth of field on the girl figurine as the rest of the photo in the background is blurry. It seems as if there is an extra light being created by the photographer and the lighting is not solely based on the flame of the candle.

In the photo, the rescue van is trying to get the victim out of bread. The photograph has a high depth of field to make the rescue truck the main focus of attention in the photograph. The lighting seems man made because of the cleanness of the shot and the shadows created from the bread – the lights would have been very bright to create this.

In conclusion, Tatsuya uses a lot of unnatural lighting for their photographs which gives a good overall effect but the lighting can be seen as quite harsh on the photos – however, it looks as if the photographs are supposed to be minimalist and clean, so the harsh lighting works well with this. I feel like Tatsuya’s photography is more clean and soft than Slinkachu’s and Gillivers and doesn’t rely on a lot of editing other than just the high lighting.

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