The following photographs are my six representations of the Little Things brief.

The camera I used to take the following photographs was an iPhone SE. I used Photoshop to edit the photos. Whilst taking the photographs, I wanted to keep to my theme of children’s toys but I also wanted to give them a realistic backdrop depending on the Pokemon i.e. Squirtle is a water-type Pokemon and therefore he would have to be in or around water.

Grottle on the ground

The Grottle figure I used was incredibly small, so putting him on the group and getting close to him as well as using zoom (but only to an extent as too much zoom could make the photograph lower quality and blurry), I managed to make him look as if he was slightly larger compared to the ground but also keep him small in contrast to the stones.

Pikachu by the electrics

Pikachu’s are electric type Pokemon so should be found near some kind of electrics – however, in-game, they are usually found in the grassy ground and therefore this spot where the grass turns into ground and stones along with the electric wires in the back made the perfect backdrop for the Pikachu figure. I think if I were to do this again, I would try and get a better angle as I don’t think it is the best photograph as it still looks quite small and doesn’t give enough contrast to the large background and small figure.

James and Meowth without the headache (Jessie)

I took this photograph on the top of the bench and whilst it is not the best photograph of the ones I took, I thought it was suitable to the brief as the figures are small and being put onto a higher bench that can make them appear more lifesize. I think this photograph could be a lot better as I could have captured a suitable background and made it more fitting with the characters.

Charizard in the trees

I took this photograph on a large tree which I wasn’t tall enough to get a better angle on, however, I think this angle may look better as it looks like he is towering over. I have edited the photograph to make the tree bark a little more greener and more life-like. I wish I had gotten a bit more blurriness in the background and making the aperture wider so the focus was mainly on the figure rather than the tree bark – next time, I will use a step ladder or stool to try and make myself a little taller to be able to take a better angled photograph and sort out the blurriness.

Ivysaur in the grass

I liked this photograph as I liked the idea of the figure hiding behind the grass. I took the photo in the grass with a lower shot to try and make it seem a little bigger. Around the photograph is a lot blurrier and the focus is more on the figure because of the wide aperture which makes the figure stand out better in the photograph. I think he could have been in more focus, so next time I would try and angle it better to get him as sharp as possible.

Squirtle in the water

I balanced the Squirtle figure on a small leaf and sat him down in a puddle. I splashed the water gently to try and give it more of a rippled effect to make it seem like he was floating along and that the puddle was more of a stream/lake. I really like the tree shadow in the puddle as it makes it more life-like. I do feel like I have edited the figure a bit too much so next time, I would tone down on trying to make him seem brighter.

In conclusion, I have learnt that using my phone instead of a camera still can give a good quality photograph and I may not always have to rely on a camera to capture photographs. I have also learnt that a phone has a wide range of different options i.e. aperture, focus, realistic filters that can help my photography look better that I did not know beforehand- it has shown me the unlimited ways I can use my phone camera.