This project was created for my Creative Digital Media apprenticeship.

“You have been commissioned by Kew Gardens to produce a series of 10 images for a website to encourage visitors. Your images must be based around a specific topic and exemplify your photographic skills.”

Task 1:

  • Provide information about the target audience of the website and then tailor your images to that market.
  • Document your planning either online blog or in written form, you must include:
  1. What the idea is?
  2. Why you have chosen that?
  3. How you will undertake the task i.e equipment/locations/props
  4. What if? – Contingency plan; Health and safety
  5. How long will this take? What will you do over the 4 weeks?
  6. What skills do you need to learn? Improve?
  • Use a variety of suitable angles and techniques.
  • Compose your images with thought (as you will have to critique the pictures in Task 3)

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