Compile a list of uses for digital art in games:


Merchandise – art books, posters, clothing

Loading screens.

Menu screen. 

Primary – 

Pixel art:

2D sprites

3D isometric sprite (e.g. Minecraft)

Concept art: usually hand drawn with annotations. 

Texture art: 2D image mapped onto a 3D image. Low memory usage. Same width as height. Crowds detail but quick render. Allow for lighting, reflection as well as depth.

Graphic user interface: e.g. Metroid prime.

Skyboxes: method for creating background. Illusions, level is enclosed in sphere or cuboid. Illusion that there are things out in the background but if you try and reach, you’ll hit a clear wall. 


Box art: form of print media, used to inform potential players and grab attention. Regulations, age rating, developer logo, publisher logo, copyright trademark info, region, bar code, format and warning.

Advertisement: release date, inform of game features. Magazines, newspaper, transport, billboards. Print media used in vg. 

Manuals: found within gaming cases, informs on controls, settings and contact info. Slowly being transformed to digital only because environmental.