LOD Assets

This assignment also covered criteria in Unit 13 and Unit 1.

Requirements for project โ€“ equipment, facilities, materials, timeframe, codes of practise

To carry out this project, the requirements in order to successfully do so will include Autodesk 3ds Max and a high quality PC which holds capability in running the program and enough space to save and view the files, including keyboard, mouse and a decent monitor; a room in which you are able to carry out the project; have the project completed within the 3 month deadline and following codes of practise for the genre of the game which is a PEGI 16 first person shooter and the codes of practise for this would be to restrict anything that would be viewed in anything above a 16 game (i.e. a PEGI rated 18 game), which could include things like gross violence or specific violence; a 16 game could include less violence that looks realistic and bad language but the violence would be more of fighting than anything more extreme. 

Schedule and Risk Assessment

The ideas for the 3D model were all based in a city environment like the scenario says to do. I decided upon a tree, a train, a sign, a bin, a house, lamp post, a lantern, a coffee machine, a bike and a car. Due to my lack of experience in 3ds I knew I had to be reasonable with what I were to create and therefore anything with a lot of detail or seemed to complex had to go. Therefore I lowered down my ten ideas to five. 

The five I went with were the lantern, coffee machine, a bin, sign and tree. I chose these because out of my initial ten they seemed the simplest, however I lowered to the final design which I chose the coffee machine because I knew it would be simpler than a tree because the tree would demand the detail of the leaves and the marks on the bark. I wanted to do the lantern but doing the fire was a little complex and I couldnโ€™t seem to get it to work. I wanted to do more than just a bin or a sign because it seemed like I could try something a little better so I finally went with the coffee machine. 

I want the mood of the coffee machine to be used because I want it to be set in a kitchen that couldโ€™ve been at one point used but due to the genre, it will most likely be used for a new shoot up area and therefore it will just be a part of the scenery in the background and could probably be knocked off the counter or broken. 

Design References: 

I looked up references to help me come up with my final design of the model. 
W:\Matthew O'Neill\LV3_Year_1_Games\Unit_66_3D_Modelling\Speed Modelling\233486751.jpg
N:\729-2884_PI_TPS2272666.jpgN:\coffee-machine-category-03.pngN:\download (2).jpg

Development of Ideas: 

I wanted to make a basic coffee machine so I found reference photos of potential coffee machineโ€™s I could hopefully make into a model. I wanted to make it into a decent looking coffee machine but I knew I hadnโ€™t practised enough to make it as complex as it could be so I know it will have to be simple and only have one cup holder and I didnโ€™t want it to be big because I wanted it to be small as I thought it could be easier. 

How Will The Model Fit? 

The coffee machine will fit because in most shooting games they have a city scene which could include homes and coffee shops which would have coffee machines and these would help to add details to the scenery. The coffee machine would have been used but not badly used but of course they will be thrown around in the game so will end up broken. 

Why Did You Go With This Idea? 

I went with this idea because it was simple and went with the aesthetic of the modern city environment.

I have two months and twenty four days to finish the model, therefore I have enough time to practise using 3ds Max. I am going to make a schedule to assist me with the project so I can keep up to date and make the deadline.

02/03/2016Practise 3DS Max
09/03/2016Practise 3DS Max
16/03/2016Practise 3DS Max
23/03/2016Practise 3DS Max
30/03/2016Start model
06/04/2016Work on model
13/04/2016Work on model
20/04/2016Work on model
27/04/2016Finish low poly
04/05/2016Finish mid poly
11/05/2016Finish high poly
18/05/2016Start and finish theory and submit

To reduce polygons using textures, you can use normal mapping which makes the model appear 3D.