Concept Proposal – Game Pitch

Game Pitch Document

Game Overview

High Concept Statement 

The main character (decided upon the player, gender, name, etc.) was signed over to the Angel of Death at birth due to the child almost dying at birth, the parents decide to keep the child a little longer and sign a contract with Death which means that the child will be given to Death on their 18th birthday. 

Fast forward 18 years and the parents have failed in keeping the Angel of Death away from their child and therefore the Angel of Death visits the child on its 17th birthday to discuss what will happen on its 18th, however, there is a twist.

During the 17 years, the rules of Hell have changed which means that instead of the contract being enough for Death to take the child, the child, or teenager as of right now, must re-sign the contract in their own blood and therefore will be Death’s slave for the rest of eternity. Death lets slip that the only reason that the child is still alive is because Death saw something in the child’s soul which Death wasn’t sure of and that means Death is desperate for the child to sign the contract.

However, the now teenager does not want to sign the contract and therefore must go on a journey with one year left to destroy the contract and find a way around and get out of signing the contract and potential death.

Along the way, the character meets several important faces that provide help for the main character for something in return, the main character is given a pendant and meets their guardian angel, before the guardian angel gets slaughtered by Death himself in front of the main character. Death then lets slip that if the main character does not sign the contract, they will die.

Eventually, the main character gets to defeat Death but before the clock strikes midnight on their 18th birthday, Death makes another deal – to reign over Hell with him or return to the human land.

The character then gets to decide their fate.

Unique Selling Point

Unique puzzle and fighting mechanics using a distinct key item that can divert the players’ difficulty from the selected one briefly until returned.

Genre of the game: 

16+ Adventure horror with puzzle elements

Art Direction outline

Realistic but exaggerated

Game Details

Key Gameplay Features/ Mechanics 

The main character gets given a pendant by a French warlock who claims he knows how to get rid of Death. The pendant went on, will lead the main character through light routes in order to find the thing to break the contract, however, without the pendant, death and fear will fill the game making it harder to get through levels. Being noticed when sneaking up on enemies will ultimately lead player to deciding whether or not to give up themselves or the pendant – giving up themselves will throw the player back to the beginning of the chapter under a harder difficulty whereas if the locket is given, the player has a chance to find the enemy who took it through a hard maze. 

Main Characters:

Main Character (Player-chosen), Death, Lily Incar, Spyrwick Lavuan, 

Game Engine

Unity or unreal

Combat/Puzzle system 

The game uses a simple puzzle system to knock out her enemies rather than kill enemies using distractions and magical effects

Game length 

3-5 hours

Game/World structure 

Linear with a few hidden trails which lead the player to hidden, more helpful allies or items. 

Interface Design 

The main character has a life gauge that is usually red to indicate blood, however, when near Death their life gauge turns ‘invincible’ and the life gauge will turn to a shadowy white indicating the main character and wrapped around the gauge will be a thorn-like, black thin line indicating them being invincible around Death. This occurs throughout the game but doesn’t at the final battle.

Further on in the game, the player will learn that the main character has some magical abilities – the ability to freeze enemies and to heal themselves and friends, within reason – which will bring up another gauge specifically for their magic. Magical points are earned when the player completes good ‘deeds’ which are set up on the good actions tab on the pause menu. As the player enters different places or realms after obtaining their magical gauge, they are then able to help civilians or fellow friends from the Reapers or even help Death.

The world uses a currency are sins which can be collected in hidden areas or talking to townspeople. The player is able to trade sins for equipment, weapons or information. The rarer the sin, the better the equipment, weapon or information given by the Sin Dealer.

On the pause menu, there will be multiple different choices which will aid the player on their journey. One tab will be a Favours tab which will show that when an ‘ally’ has given the player something or helped them out (which will be the players’ choice to accept but helps story progression), they will owe them favours, which depending on the ally, could help the player, put the player back or in danger. To get more items or advice from ‘allies’, the player has to pay back three favours before gaining more intellect from the different ally. Each ally has their own thing that will help progress the player but returning favours may not be as good as what the player has received, however, the player won’t know what the favour is until they has accepted their token. 

A Statistics tab will also be available on the pause menu so the player can see how many people they has protected, saved, healed, met and accepted favours from, as well as what favours they have left to complete. The statistics will also show how many Good Deeds the player has completed.

The Good Deeds tab, once unlocked with magic, will tell the player of the Good Deeds around the area the player is in and when the player moves to another area, will also express the Good Deeds in that area. Good deeds are important to do as the player will be rewarded in sins.

The options menu will include brightness, sounds, cameras, save and graphics.

The game also has an exit at the bottom.

Initial Control Set up  


W: move forwards

A: move to left

S: move to right

D: move back

M: when magical abilities are unlocked, holding down will select which ability and then clicking M again will unleash the ability

Space bar: Map

ESC: Pause

Left click: 1st attack

Right click 2nd attack

E: accept social interaction

F: Ignore social interaction

Shift: makes player sprint

Control: Makes player duck


R1: accepts social interaction

R2: speeds up player

R3: Map

L1: declines social interaction

L2: pick up item (holding down L2 when magical abilities are unlocked, stops time to select magical ability)

L3: no command

Left arrow: no command

Up arrow: only works in start menu: moves highlight up

Right arrow: no command

Down arrow: only works in start menu: moves highlight down

Start (if applicable): pauses game

Select (if applicable): takes player back to main menu, losing all save progress

Touch Pad (if applicable): pauses game

Options (if applicable): gives game data

Share (if applicable): no command

R3 analog stick: movement

L3 analog stick: camera

Triangle: 2nd attack 

X: jump

Circle: when unlocked, magical abilities

Square: 1st attack


The games soundtrack will consist of distant, dark music with low tones and soft metal tracks that keeps the player to feel as if it is constantly being haunted by Death and setting the mood as mysterious and on edge. This will be the default musical setting and will run throughout the game as more sounds will be put on top, for example, on the lighter route the player takes, the music will be lighter and a feint glittery-type sound will play however on the dark route, the notes will be more rushed and shorter making the game more suspecting. However, when around Death, the music becomes slightly more powerful, yet not over bearing as the music being too loud will ruin the immersion for the player. Sound effects to the games will contrast to the musical stylings with sharper sounds and a more echoer vibe. 


The game is not multiplayer and can only be played in offline mode.

Business/Market Research Information


The budget for my game is around £200k because my game will probably involve a lot of animation and 3D modelling and therefore it will cost a lot

Project Timeframe 

The game would probably take about a year and a half to make 

Target Market 


Competition Analysis 

Games that could be competition due to when I am releasing the game (around August 2017) would be 

Full Throttle Premastered

Lord of the Fallen 2

Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Second Half

Shenmue 3

The Pillars of the Earth

The Surge


But I do not think there are any games similar to my game

Target Platform

PC and PS


Europe, North America, Asia

Staffing / Key Personnel 

Animators, 3D Modellers, Programmers, Concept Artists